Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Solving the World's Water Shortages

From California to Africa, we are facing a global water shortage. But one tiny country, in the middle of a desert, has found remarkable solutions. Which country? And can we replicate its success? Businessman and New York Times bestselling author Seth Siegel explains.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Erasing the West

  • The UNESCO vote seems clearly a response to the expansionist, jihadist aspirations of members of the OIC who sponsored it: Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan.
  • Some analysts consider a vote to abstain to be a victory for Israel, but for Spain, Greece, France, Sweden, Slovenia, and Italy it was blatant appeasement and fear of their own often-violent Muslim minorities: "Please, please, don't blow up our capital cities. We will reject Jewish and Christian history and pretend Jesus chased the money changers from the steps of Montmartre."
  • UNESCO's Director General Irina Bokova had already announced her opposition to the resolution, a position for which she received death threats.
  • Having demonstrable historical fact, such as Jewish patrimony on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, subject to the whims of the UN, in which, as the late Abba Eban said, Arabs could muster a majority to decide the sun rises in the West, is not a positive proposition.
  • The question remains how to convince nations in the West to stand for themselves in the face of Islamists committed to replacing them.
Last week, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted Christian and Jewish heritage off of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Tuesday they ratified their perfidy. The vote seems clearly a response to the expansionist, jihadist aspirations of members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that sponsored it: Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan. The vote, and the behind the scenes machinations, deserve evaluation.
  • Group 1: The "in favor" voters are a nasty collection of corrupt, dictatorial, largely Islamist (traditional Islamic theology gives Jews their place on the Temple Mount; these Islamists appear intent on removing all traces of Christian and Jewish presence from the Middle East) or Marxist, and unanimously frightening places. They are, in the immortal words French diplomat Daniel Bernard applied to Israel, "shitty little countries." Even the big ones. But see below for a caveat.
  • Group 2: The US, UK, the Netherlands, Estonia Germany and Lithuania had nothing to be ashamed of in the first round; they voted "against." But see below for a caveat.
  • Group 3: Some analysts consider a vote to abstain to be a victory for Israel, but for Spain, Greece, France, Sweden, Slovenia and Italy it was blatant appeasement of Group 1 and fear of their own often-violent Muslim minorities: "Please, please, don't blow up our capital cities. We will reject Jewish and Christian history and pretend Jesus chased the money changers from the steps of Montmartre."
If the West had stood for its own history, it would have mattered. Democratic Japan and South Korea should have voted "against" as well. There might be a narrow exception for India, which had never before failed to vote in favor of an Arab-led anti-Israel resolution.
  • Group 4: Israel's friends in Africa were a disappointment -- Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Togo and Uganda abstained. Can we dump on them? Yes, we can. Isn't it too much to expect African countries to stand on principle when Western European countries duck? No, it is not. True, Israel will not make them pay for their "in favor" vote, but countries that benefit from their relations with Israel in a profound and concrete way(check especially Uganda and Ghana) can and should stand with Israel in the face of Arab countries -- heirs to colonial Muslim slave-traders and still practice slavery today -- who drained African coffers for oil money and exported radical Islamic jihad to the continent. In this hemisphere, Haiti, where IsrAID is for the second time promptly on the ground to help Haitians recover from a natural disaster, is particularly disappointing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

From anti-Zionist to Zionist, A Pakistani View

This is part of an interview with Noor Dahri about his journey from being anti-Zionist to Zionist. The full interview can be read at http://tinyurl.com/z8hhmzn

Why did you join the Zionist Movement?

I was born and raised as a Muslim in Pakistan. We were taught to hate Jews and Israel and I had frequently participated in anti-Israel and anti-Zionism demonstrations, especially in Al-Quds day. I never knew that Jews were humans as we are.  In fact, I considered Jews worse than animals and the enemy of humanity, particularly those against the Muslims and Islam. I accepted only some Jews, however, only those who stood with Palestinians and never with the Zionists. For me, the Zionist was a devil worshiper and was against Allah/HaShem. For this reason, being a religious Muslim, my dislike and hate against Zionists was natural.

As I told you before, I was taught to hate Jews. They manipulated many religious texts in efforts to spread hatred towards other religions. I must mention the name of a kind lady, who was not only my colleague but my first Jewish friend in my life.
Additionally, she helped me in my debate and conversation with other Jews on social media. I monitored every conversation with Jews on social media in detail, particularly paying attention to every statement they used. Sometimes there existed bad people and extremes in the Jewish community. What inspired me the most, was that those bad individuals on social media from the Jewish community were a tiny minority and also were strongly condemned by their own Jewish community.

It took me nearly 2 years to fully understand what the truth was and what the reality of Israel is. It was not only through social media or engaging in a one sided story but I studied many books, articles, videos, testimonies and many other things in research to judge and evaluate what the fact is. No doubt, there are so many conflicts between both communities and there are many political and religious extreme elements that do not want them to get to together. Overall, I felt that the Jewish community rushes to accept peace at any cost which helped me change my mind. This is the primary reason I chose to join Zionism

The world always blames Israel and what is a Zionist, what do you think about it?

Since I studied about Jewish society and the movement of Zionism, I found that there were so many lies spread against Israel and Zionists around the world, particularly in international media. As you know, the media is a psychological tool used to manipulate peoples’ minds towards whatever it wanted.  It has the ability to divert attention, and Israel and Zionists are the easiest target of blame. There are many lies against Israel in the world, especially whenever Israel strikes in Gaza.  Millions of fallacies are created in the media to spread hatred against Israelis.

We as Muslims have been ordered by Allah in Qur’an to find the truth, even if the truth goes against us (or against my community), and this is what I do to spread G-d’s mission.

Without knowing Zionism, we cannot understand Zionists. Imagine! I am a very strong religious Muslim who spent most of life spreading the message of my religion, Islam. Now I turned into a Zionist and proudly announce it publicly, even though it is a risk to my life. The world needs to understand the main objectives of Zionism.

People ask me if the Islamic ideology isn’t enough to educate the world about peace. No doubt, Islam is a religion of peace but unfortunately Islamic political and religious leaders changed the religious shape of Islam into that of a political one.  This political shape is not worthy of peace, but only hate and killing those who do not adopt to the Political Islamic ideology. For me, this is what a Zionist is.  It is not only understanding about a political form of Zionism but to fully adapt it as an ideology.

Are there other Muslim movements?

There are many people in Pakistan who not only support Israel but show their solidarity to the Zionist Federation. I had no idea prior, but after my joining ZF-UK, so many people from Pakistan, India and particularly Arab countries, contacted me to show their support for me. I would like to say here, people are ready to accept the truth, and they know what the fact about the Israel-Pal issue is, but they are afraid to speak up due to their life being threatened living in Islamic countries. I even cannot disclose their identities.

People in Pakistan are in a rush to support Israel but because of the fear of a religious and a political persecution, they cannot raise their voice up. I hope one day, I will be successful to make a platform where I would gather all my people who support Israel and the ZF movement from these communities. It will bring a new change.

What does the Pakistani community think about supporting Israel?

The Pakistani community is not like an Arab community whom follows one sided information through tunnel vision. They are very intelligent and educated people. They are well researched and know what’s going on around the world. They know the threat and danger, but unfortunately are not wise enough to sense the great threat and danger within, which is a Mullah Mafia or a Mullahcracy (Religious Imam Mafia). Mullahcracy hijacked the Pakistani nation and government. Slain PM Benazir Bhutto and current PM Nawaz Sharif tried hard to create good relations with Israel, they did not achieve the goal. Specifically, the Pakistani community is controlled by three monsters- political, religious and Arab leaders and local and international media. 

They unfortunately rely on everything from these monsters identified, and follow blindly whatever is asked of them or shown to them. Very few people use their minds and do research to find out the truth.

If someone shows them the historical, political and religious facts, I believe my nation will accept the truth.

I hope, one day people around the world, particularly the Pakistani community, will embrace the truth. I see, the day is very close.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Ship of Fools. Flotilla of Idiots.

This is a cross posting from Rolene Marks Roro’s Rantings, for the complete blog with videos see:

Picture the scene – 13 self-righteous “human rights’ activists set sail for Gaza. Thirteen women from 13 different countries boarded the Zeytoun-Oliva determined to “end the siege on Gaza”. Armed with appalling singing voices and a YouTube account filled with moronic videos, they took to the high seas (okay, the Mediterranean) to liberate the people of Gaza from the frightful maritime blockade that is enforced by Israel. Legal and necessary, this blockade is in place to prevent the smuggling of weapons and material that Hamas and other groups based in the Gaza Strip use to rain terror on Israel’s citizens like fire rockets, dig tunnels, you know, all that war stuff that is a gross violation of the human rights of Israelis to live in peace.

Hardly Boudicea and her army but flotillas are cause for concern because apart from their intention of conducting an illegal breach of the blockade, they have been known to have weapons on board and activists whose behavior is anything but peaceful. Mavi Marmara anyone?
The same day as the Zaytoun-Oliva was sailing to “break the siege on Gaza” we saw proof just why it is necessary to enforce such measures as rockets fired by ISIS supporting Salafists were fired into Israel from Gaza. Landing in a residential area, Code Red warnings sent traumatized residents scrambling for shelter. Imagine if this was your city.
I am sure these ISIS supporters would have been thrilled to receive a special delivery of 13 new sex slaves with a boat to spare. Please ladies, save the sanctimonious lectures and song and learn a little bit about the region you are coming to.
You say that you want to highlight the plight of Palestinians, especially the women? I could not agree more. Their plight should be highlighted because they live under siege – they are besieged by a bunch of autocratic lunatics who base their ruling on a genocidal  charter that calls for the total destruction of all Jews and enforces a medieval rule of law. That is not very human rightsie…..
Yes, the plight of Palestinian women does need to be highlighted. They live as second class citizens  and are denied the many rights that their male counterparts enjoy, provided of course that they are Hamas supporting, fully heterosexual, Allah fearing and don’t complain. Some of these women have been subjected to honour killings for crimes such as being a victim of rape. For Olympic atlete, Lee Anne Naidoo  who hailsfrom South Africa, I have a special message for you. Hamas who run the Gaza strip object hugely to same sex relationships. Your concern for the Palestinians is admirable but your sexual orientation will not garner you any  tolerance and  may find you flung off the top of the nearest building. This is not a sarcastic message, it is a fact.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Double Standards for Aleppo and Gaza

Make no mistake, the carnage taking place in Aleppo right now is a disgrace to the international community.
The Syrian government and Russian-backed forces are reportedly using chemical weapons, barrel bombs and increasingly powerful explosives to target innocent men, women and children. While rebel fighters have undoubtedly embedded themselves in the city in fortified positions, it appears that the civilian population is bearing the brunt of the conflict.
While there has been some condemnation from the UN, where are the protests on the streets of European capitals and where is the media frenzy about this disgrace? 
Had Israel been involved, or had the IDF aimed one solitary munition at Aleppo, I think the response would be much different.
The international community’s condemnation of the Assad regime and Putin’s Russia is nothing compared to the vitriol leveled against Israel for its far more restrained (and completely justified) 2014 operation against Hamas in Gaza.
Unfortunately for the 250,000 residents of Aleppo, the city is not being attacked by the IDF. There are no leaflets being dropped warning civilians to evacuate areas in the line of fire. There is no “roof knocking” — where non-explosive devices are dropped on the roofs of targeted buildings to give civilians time to flee. And judging by the number of civilian casualties and the extent of the destruction in Syria, there is very little to no concern for the well-being of innocent civilians.
Aleppo is a testament to the double standards at play when it comes to the treatment of Israel’s military operations. There is, however, a caveat. The IDF should be held to higher standards than the militaries of both Syria and Russia.
And that is why The Sunday Times of London caught my eye recently. One story was headlined “Putin’s gigantic firebombs torch Aleppo.” Next to it was an article entitled, “RAF drone crew divert missile to save ‘civilian’ seconds from death.”

The dissonance between the two stories is striking. On one side, we have the alleged deployment by Russia of a weapon “capable of blasting a massive ball of flame across wide areas of Aleppo.” On the other, the release of a video by Britain’s Royal Air Force showing a drone missile aimed at ISIS terrorists being diverted at the last minute to avoid killing a civilian.
One side was indiscriminately firebombing, while the other was deliberately acting to prevent civilian casualties.
The RAF evidently felt that its tale was a positive story, which showed that its drone squadrons act both ethically and in accordance with international law. Why is this news? Israel released many videos from incidents where missiles targeting Hamas terrorists were diverted due to the presence of Palestinian civilians. So why then were Israel’s identical efforts not deemed newsworthy?
Granted, the Sunday Times is a British newspaper covering the British military, but the UK press has never been shy about devoting many column inches to Israel and the Palestinians.

Israeli efforts to minimize civilian casualties go unreported or even ignored by the press, and Israel instead finds itself regularly judged in the court of public opinion, which is led by a lazy or hostile media.
So Israel is subjected not only to a different standard than the deplorable militaries of Syria and Russia, but even to a different standard than other Western militaries.
If and when the Syrian conflict comes to an end, will anyone be held to account for what certainly appear, at face value, to be genuine war crimes? Will there be a UN investigation and a Goldstone-style report? Will the International Criminal Court issue indictments? Given Russian involvement and the lack of American global power projection, it is unlikely that anyone will be held to account.
The next time open conflict between Israel and Hamas breaks out, will the parameters of judgment have changed as a result of the carnage in Aleppo and other parts of Syria? Or will Israel continue to be held to a standard of behavior unlike any other military in the world?
The likelihood is that nothing will have changed when it comes to how Israel is treated, and we will be left to conclude that, ultimately, the world will be outraged by Israel defending itself and its citizens irrespective of how ethically it behaves.
Simon Plosker is Managing Editor of HonestReporting

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Israeli Leftist to J Street - STOP

Arguments  rage between those who are considered "right wing" and those who are considered “left wing”. There is never an agreement or understanding of the others point of view with such entrenched positions.

It comes as a welcome relief therefore, when a self confessed “leftist” meets other "leftists" overseas and realizes the damage they are potentially causing Israel with their “liberal” policies.

Below is the report of one such Israeli who is defined as “leftist” when there was a meeting with a representative of J Street

by Hen Mazzig, Sept. 20, 2016

Last year I traveled to campuses across North America to share my experiences as an officer in the IDF – a role which entailed helping Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Gaza with humanitarian aid. My experiences as a speaker were overwhelmingly positive as I was able to find common ground with many young people of diverse backgrounds and political viewpoints, but there were some unfortunate exceptions.
During one of my speaking events, a student raised her hand to ask a question. The young woman wanted to know what I thought about J-Street and other “left-wing” Jewish groups which criticize Israel, given that I myself am a leftist Israeli.
Assuming she was seeking an honest answer, I told her the truth; “I am very uneasy about their work…” I started, but she interrupted: “Well, I’m the head of the J Street club on my campus and what you don’t understand is that we see Israel as our younger sister. We want our younger sister to be better — we love her and care about her.”
Disappointed by her lack of interest in dialogue, and offended by her analogy, I replied: “So according to you, if I love my younger sister, I need to go around the United States and tell everyone how bad she is? How she doesn’t know what’s good for her? How we must collectively pressure her? And if I truly love my sister, I should tell my parents to cut her off financially? I should publicize her every mistake and defame her on every platform I can? Or if I really care, should I instead work together with her?”
Unfortunately, this verbal exchange is symptomatic of a greater illness among some who identify with the American Jewish left, and this illness has at its core the delusion that Israel is American Jewry’s younger sister. While the woman who asked me that question would like to believe that Israelis don’t know what’s best for their future, it is actually people like her who do not fully comprehend the problems that Israel faces.
As an Israeli who has aligned myself for years with Zionist-left parties like Meretz and supported every peace process, I am extremely upset with groups like J Street for perpetrating a faux-progressive approach to the Middle East that mimics the paternalism of 20th century imperialists. They feel that they are entitled to tell us, Israelis, what to do. When we think differently, they will arrogantly dismiss us as people who do not know what is best for our own welfare. Why is it that we, the people who have suffered through wars, served in the military, supported peace agreements, and protested on the streets to effect change – why on earth would we be seen as less capable than those living across the world in the relative safety and comfort of America?
This patronizing approach of some self-proclaimed “progressive” Jewish groups is truly astonishing. They claim that they are “pro-Israel,” yet they consistently echo the opinions of pro-BDS pundits, and regurgitate talking points based on anything but progressive values. Is that pro-Israel or progressive? Just read the statements on their website and social media platforms.
The most recent and prominent example of this twisted reality has surfaced in the debate surrounding the Iran Nuclear Deal. The vast majority of Israelis, from left to right, agree that this is a non-partisan issue: the world should not be giving $150 billion (10 times the size of Israel’s defense budget) to the world’s worst violator of human rights, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism – a regime which leads chants at government rallies of “Death to America! Death to England! Death to Israel!”.
Yet J Street ferociously promotes the deal, in opposition to numerous Democratic members of Congress and Israel’s Zionist Camp (whom J Street regularly invites to speak at their conferences). When faced with this dissonance, J Street attempts to justify its position by pointing to a minority of Israeli security officials who have criticized Israel’s policy on the issue. But most of these officials also agree that the deal itself is deeply flawed. J Street is manipulative even in the way it portrays Israelis who supposedly support J Street’s views.
Like all Israelis, I am the product of a miracle. A miracle happened to my family in 1951 when they were in the middle of a life-changing crisis; they were expelled from Arab countries (North Africa and Iraq) because they were Jews. The miracle was that for the first time in 2000 years, there was a Jewish state to take them home. This is the same miracle that is happening today to French Jews escaping antisemitism – and it is the same miracle that will save many other Jews in the future. It should be clear that Israel is not only here to serve American Jews. I was in the army for five years defending Israel and working side by side with Palestinians. Today I speak up in the public arena because I want to see a better future for Israel and its neighbors. Every day I breathe this country. I feel this country in every bone of my body and with every fiber of my soul.
My message to J Street is this: if you are truly pro-Israel, stop patronizing us. Stop lecturing us, publicly defaming us, and using a foreign government to pressure our democratically elected government from thousands of miles away. If you love us and want to support us – then listen to our voices and speak to us as equals. And every once in a while, since you profess to be “pro-Israel,” perhaps you can say something nice about my country.

J Street, if you continue on this disingenuous, anti-democratic path, I assure you that you will fail. But don’t worry, we will be here to welcome you home when you do — After all, that’s what sisters are for.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BDS Beaten Yet Again

In so many facets of life, the BDS campaigners are being seen as anti-Semitic and working for the destruction of Israel.

We are now reading with increasing frequency how the ravings of the bigoted bullies is working against their objectives. Whether it the increasing number of countries establishing ties with Israel (so much for isolation) or, in what has been called a dramatic blow to international efforts to boycott Israel, a major bloc of parties in the European Parliament formally approved the Likud as a regional member over the weekend at a conference in Prague, see story here, BDS is losing.

BDS activists cleverly treat Israeli goods that are manufactured in Judea and Samaria as the issue at hand because people can be convinced that Judea and Samaria is really “Palestinian land.”

BDS should be fought against – they are on the wrong side of history.